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Troop Behavior Policy
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Troop 446 Behavior Policy / Meeting Rules

  1. When the SCOUT SIGN is up, silence is observed.
  2. Each Scout should wear as much of the uniform as possible. The minimum is a Scout shirt with all the required patches.
  3. Each Scout should bring to the Troop meeting: Scout Handbook, notebook with paper, pencil or pen.
  4. Scouts are confined to the large meeting room and will not leave the room without approval from the adult leaders.
  5. Scouts are to refrain from using church equipment (i.e. phones, kitchen utensils, appliances, etc.) without permission.
  6. Scouts will not climb on chairs, sit on tables, or otherwise show disrespect for church property.
  7. Soda, candy, and food are not allowed at regular meetings.
  8. Radios, iPods and other electronic devices are not allowed at meetings or at campouts.
  9. Before a Scout can go on a campout, he must accomplish the following:
    1. Have attended regular Scout meetings.
    2. Return the permission slip and pay the fees due for food and other costs shared by all
  10. The following general offenses may result disciplinary measures:
    1. Insubordination, disrespect or refusal to take part in meetings or other planned activities
    2. Swearing or the use of bad language
    3. Fighting (including pushing or shoving)
    4. Exessive rough housing or horseplay
    5. Disruption of a meeting or outing

    In the event of a Scout engaging in a general offense, the following measures may be enforced:

    • First Offense: The Scout will receive a verbal warning and counseling by an adult in charge.
    • Second Offense: The Scout will have a written record on file with the Scoutmaster. It will be signed by both the Scout and adult leader. and the parents will be notified. The Scoutmaster or his designated representative will counsel the Scout.
    • Third Offense: In addition to the disciplinary measures for the second offense, the Scout will not be allowed to attend the next Troop meeting.
    • Fourth Offense: The Scout will be brought before a Board of Review, with the possible sanction of dismissal from the Troop.

    A Scout may seek to have records cleared at a Board of Review.

  11. Serious offenses include, but are not limited to:
    1. Physical behavior which poses a serious threat of bodily injury to others.
    2. Repeated verbally abusive behavior intended to provoke others.
    3. Use of alcohol or other illegal substances, including tobacco.
    4. Use of fireworks or other explosives.

    The discipline for a serious offense shall consist of at lease a verbal warning and counseling by the Scoutmaster or his designated representative, as well as a letter home to the Scout’s parents explaining the incident. Depending on the severity or frequency of the offense(s), discipline may also include, but is not limited to, suspension from Troop meetings and/or outings or dismissal from the Troop. A Scout will not be dismissed from the Troop except upon the recommendation of the Board of Review or Troop committee. The Scout and his parents will be invited to meet with the Board of review/Troop committee. The determination of all disciplinary measures short of dismissal from the Troop shall be at the discretion of the Scoutmaster or his designated representative.

  12. Adult leaders have the right, at all times, to send a Scout home who engages in unsafe behavior or otherwise fails to abide by the Scout Law or Oath so that others can have a productive and safe Troop meeting or outing.


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