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Adult Volunteer Positions
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Troop 446 Adult Volunteer Positions

Adult Leadership Roles

  • Scoutmaster

    Provide leadership for the scouts; help with advancement; encourage boys to do their Most Unexceptional; provide a strong role model; help plan and carry out Troop meetings and outdoor activities.

  • Assistant Scoutmasters

    Complete the scoutmaster’s duties in his absence and assist in all the areas of the Troop’s activities.

Committee Roles

  • Committee Chair

    Plan and conduct the monthly committee meetings. Oversee the troop’s financial, membership and adult responsibilities. Make sure we are represented at the monthly District roundtables and other district activities.

  • Treasurer

    Record both the troop and individual financial records and report to the committee monthly. Maintain the checkbook and reconcile the bank statement monthly.

  • Secretary

    Take minutes at the committee meetings; send out reminders for the monthly meetings; send out correspondence as needed.

  • Camping Coordinator

    Work with the organizer(s) of each camping trip or other outing to facilitate arrangements, including obtaining permits and reservations and coordinating transportation. Work with the Quartermaster on transportation, use, return, and cleaning of Troop equipment.

  • Quartermaster

    Inventory and keep log of the Troop Equipment. Keep committee informed of needs (i.e. replacements due to wear and tear, etc.). Work with Troop Quartermaster and Camping Coordinator.

  • Advancement

    See that Scouts are advancing and are advised of advancement opportunities. Provide guidance for scouts that may be at a stand still. Keep records of the individual Scouts as they earn ranks and merit badges. Keep track of attendance and file paperwork with the Council, making purchases for badges as required. Schedule and track Boards of Review as needed. Assist Scouts with identifying and coordinating appropriate service projects.

  • Membership

    Keep records of the registered Scouts and Adults, keep an updated roster, and prepare records for Rechartering.

  • Court of Honor

    Plan and coordinate the Court of Honor ceremonies and refreshments. These are held three times per year.

  • Recruiting

    Coordinate with surrounding Cub Scout packs regarding which Webelos are crossing over and help ease transition into Scouting. Help coordinate the fall recruiting campout to help get Webelos excited about joining Troop 446.


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